Computational Resources

The theory section of Chemical Physics benefits from computational resources accessible thanks to Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC).

Register an account on SNIC at:

Current resources are:

C3SE (Chalmers) [1]

NSC (Linköping) [2]

PDC (KTH) [3]

UPPMAX (Uppsala) [4]

In addition, we have 4 dedicated nodes on Vera and Hebbe (C3SE) respectively.

To get access to the SNIC resources you need to register yourself as a new user in SUPR. After that the project PIs (or proxy for PIs) can add you to specific projects. Current PIs (or proxy for PIs) are Henrik Grönbeck and Anders Hellman.

More information about how to connect to the clusters can be found under Connecting to the cluster.

Our current projects are here.





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