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(One of the ST Division Meetings.)

ST 2014-02-21: 11.00-12.00 in EDIT-8103


  • Course clusters and corresponding teaching teams
    • As discussed earlier (ST2013-03, ST2013-12) we are in the process of organising our Courses in TeachingTeams (course clusters).
    • This meeting will settle the Course clusters (teaching teams) for 2014 including identifying a Cluster Chair for each cluster.
    • Each cluster should then identify (at least) one "understudy" for each course.
  • Towards a "Computing Lab": Center discussion status report (Mary, Laura, Emil)


  • Workshops on VR proposal writing
    • Sally McKee, Mary Sheeran and Per Strenström will run a couple of workshops on VR proposal writing in the first and second weeks of March (as follow-up to a discussion at the medarbetarskap workshop that Mary, Per, Gerardo Schneider and Miroslav Staron attended). We are looking both for people who want to attend the workshops to get help with proposal writing, and also others who are willing to help by mentoring these people and providing feedback on proposal plans and drafts. Mary needs to know who from the ST division wishes to be involved in this enterprise. The more the merrier!
  • Upcoming CSE steering group meetings:
    • 2014-02-25: Faculty funding model (led by Peter Dybjer). A new model for distribution of faculty funding at Chalmers (for 2015 onwards) is being discussed. The prel. plan is to fund a high percentage of each faculty member.
    • 2014-03-11: Recruitment of junior researchers (led by Patrik Jansson).
  • ST division Senior Faculty Meetings (for those at ST with a permanent position):
    • 2014-01-17: first meeting of 2014 was during the ST Winter Meeting 2014 (WoAh, GeSc, JoNo, AlRu, PaJa, LaKo, MaSh, AnSa, DaSa)
    • 2014-02-03: (KoCl, DaSa, MaSh, PaJa, AnSa, WoAh, GeSc, JoHu, ChCa) and the plan is to meet for lunch every first Monday of the month.
    • Planning for Jubileumsprofessor Benjamin Pierce visit during 2014
    • Education for PostDocs? (and more generally how to distribute teaching tasks among employees)
    • Recruitment of MaMy
    • Possible recruitment of a "Software Infrastructure Engineer"
    • Increasing adm. support
  • ST division Junior Faculty meetings (PhD degree but no permanent position)
    • First meeting held during the ST Winter Meeting 2014
    • Present: DanHed, EmiAxe, JoeSve, JosSve, MenWan, MoaJoh, NicSma, NikBro, RamEna
    • Discussed: Technology transfer, Career planning, Curriculum planning
  • ST division Junior and Senior PhD student meetings
    • Also during the ST Winter Meeting 2014.
      • Senior PhD student group: JonDur, FildTe, NikFro, LucBel, MicPal, BarvDe, WilRaf
      • Junior PhD student group: AntEkb, DanHau, DanRos, DanSch, EvgKot, HamEba, InaLis, JohCam, MauChi, RaúJim
    • More PhD courses wanted!
    • Recruitment of new students
    • Career planning (Life after PhD)
    • Distribution of teaching tasks
    • Ideas for pedagogical improvements
  • Some Head of department recruitment process info: KOL
  • KVVS scholarships for researchers and guest researchers (deadline 2014-03-15)
  • ICFP 2014 local org. committee planning meeting 2014-02-28, 14.00 in EDIT-8103