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(One of the ST Division Meetings.)

Focus on staffing 2015 onwards (VP 2015 including the AssocProf Recruitment 2015).

Huvudfrågan för mötet är bemanningsplanen för 2015 och framåt (VP 2015 inklusive AssocProf Recruitment 2015).

Email invitation:

Welcome to the October instance of the ST division meeting

  Tuesday 2014-10-14, 11.00 in EDIT-8103. 

This is an especially important meeting because we are about to propose extending the permanent faculty with two new positions and we really want your input. The recruitment group [1] is working on the requirement profiles for two positions [2] but we would really welcome your comments (especially from Junior Faculty). If you cannot attend the meeting, send me your comments before the meeting.

More generally the meeting is about staffing 2015 onwards (including the AssocProf Recruitment 2015). The ST division staff plan [3] (and budget for 2015) needs to be settled within the next two weeks. I will also meet with the seniors from the four different groups during the week to sort out the details, so make sure to tell them (or me) about plans for promotions, degrees, projects, ... as soon as possible (and no later than Thursday 2014-10-16).




[2] (only in the email)



  • Medarbetarsamtal (Performance Appraisal Discussion) for "PostDoc and up"
  • New CSALL-coordinator needed
    • Peter Damaschke is stepping down as "MPA" (Head of the MSc programme) for CSALL
    • The EDIIT-area is formally deciding (Lena Peterson)
    • Prel. proposal from the department: Peter Ljunglöf