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Palasso (Egenrapportering GU)

(Some notes by Patrik Jansson, 2013-06-20.)

In my role as head of division I get events [1] to attest in the Palasso system. For a Chalmers employee (like me) getting access to the Palasso system at all is a multi-step process. And even with access, the system does not by default send emails when there new events arrive. As these things took me over two months to figure out I thought I should document the steps here for future reference.

Getting an account at GU

If you are a GU employee this part is done already. Otherwise check with the head of admin. for some papers to sign to get an account. (This will also lead to an Email address which could be useful in official matters.)

Getting attest rights

More papers to sign ...

Login to Palasso

This part was surprisingly challenging (for me as a Linux user).

You may be able to skip some steps (I actually got it to run directly on Linux with Chrome).

Find events to attest

Palasso is mainly aimed at self-reporting and the attesting functionality is well hidden. In the left column menu, choose Attestering. This will get you a new window and an empty list of events (don't believe it!). Tick the box Granskad (as well as the "pre-ticked" Rapporterad/Från tid), then click Visa. Finally, you list of events will appear. Selecting one of them will give you the option to OK it.

Palasso email activation

To receive automatic emails when events arrive you need to register your email "by hand" in the Palasso system. Logged into Palasso, expand "Person" in the "menu" on the left, then pick "Grunduppgifter" and fill in your email in the field "E-post (arbete)". When this is saved you should get automatic emails (it worked for me 2013-06-20).

Terminology and links

[1] Example events are applications for parental leave, Vacation, reimbursements for Travel Claims, Representation costs.