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Division meeting Monday 2013-05-20, 15:15-16:00 in room 8103


  • New education organisation (Jan Jonsson and Miroslaw Staron)
  • Short presentation of the "new" Formal Methods group
    • Gerardo Schneider presented an overview
  • [Delayed] Planning of a "newcomers' party"


  • Follow-up on the "teaching teams" group work from the March div. meeting:
    • The CS division has also had a meeting summarised here: Teaching Teams
    • The ST and CS divisions are planning education jointly (with Ana Bove as director of studies).
  • Remember to report your Vacation
  • Short information about the economic status
    • Income 2013: 47M SEK = 17M education + 6.5M faculty funding + 23.5M external research funding
    • Costs 2013: roughly 46.5M SEK (the diff. is mainly +0.6M SEK in education income which was at the wrong div. in the budget)
  • JPB has set up a page and some software about Liquid Feedback
  • Performance Appraisal discussions (medarbetarsamtal) with ST PhD students have been delayed
  • All new salaries have been communicated
  • Departmental instructions for Course Planning - proposals for 2014/2015 should be discussed at the division level before the summer 2013.
  • KAW projects call 2014 (15-75 MSEK over 3-5 years): any takers?
    • 2013-06-09: Primary application/letter of interest (contact for further information)
    • 2013-09-01: Deadline synopsis (2 pages to Chalmers)
    • 2013-11-21: First draft finished
    • 2014-02-01: Deadline to KAW
  • Intern utlysning: KAW Academy Fellows 2014
    • Chalmers can nominate 10 (in all subjects)
    • Very competitive - indicative H-index 17 (was 10-50 last year)
    • Minimum 2-year international PostDoc required
    • PhD between 2006 and 2009
    • 2013-08-11: Chalmers deadline for synopsis to (instruction below)
    • 2013-10-22: Decision on which candidates are selected to write a full application
    • 2013-12-03: Deadline complete application
    • 2013-01-27: Decision on which ten candidates are nominated
    • 2013-03-01: KAW deadline
  • Vinnova money for increased participation on Horizon 2020
    • Deadline 2013-06-14 at 14.00(!)
    • Patrik has proposed that Swedsoft + Chalmers + SICS tries to apply for support to aim for an "EU-soft" activity
  • [From Mary] SSF Strategic Mobility 2013 (sabbatical in industry for academics (or vv))
    • Deadline September 9 2013. Mary Sheeran is on the committee deciding on the funding and has also held one of these grants at Ericsson at the beginning of the Feldspar project. Talk to her for more information. It is a great form of research funding. We should aim to hold one of these in the division every year! Think also about people in industry who might want to spend time at the division.
  • SSF money for "researchers of the underrepresented gender" in (among other subjects) ICT