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(No meeting this month.)


  • Some highlights from the notes from the departmental steering group (ILG) meeting 2013-05-29
    • An employee survey for Chalmers employees will be sent out on June 10, and will be open for two weeks.
  • Complete your summer vacation planning by Wed. 2013-06-12
  • Rules for "entertaining guests": "Intern och extern representation"
  • Reminder about Travel Claims: mortal deadline after three months
    • Make sure to hand in your claims before vacation to avoid problems.
  • The deadline for signing off you part of the Inventory of computer equipment was 2013-06-03. The list is in Jonna's office.
  • The yearly planning cycle is now in the "bottom-up" phase of gathering input from the employees of each division
    • VP2014 VP = Verksamhetsplanering ~= planning
    • Short: The division needs to have a plan (for 2014) ready by mid September 2013.