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VP 2017

(VP = Verksamhetsplanering = Activity planning)

The plans are for activities 2017 onwards and the planning is done autumn 2016.

Earlier years: VP 2016, VP 2015, VP 2014.

Timeline for the ST division work with the VP for 2017 onwards:

  • 2016-08-30: First deadline for the VP questions from the department
  • 2016-09/10: ST PAID meetings (medarbetarsamtal)
  • 2016-09-02: ST division dialog with the CSE dept. steering group
  • 2016-09-02: ST personnel plan: first version
  • 2016-09-30: Deadline for "VP information collection"
  • 2016-10-03: ST budget: first version
  • 2016-10-21: ST budget: final version

Note that ST = (FP+FM+iSec) here - the current ST division is responsible for planning for the new divisions until new division heads are in place.

Proposed funding principles

As you know we are in the process of planning for 2017 (and onwards) and during October I need to propose a budget. Before filling in all the individual "kontering" (percentages on different projects, etc.) I'd like to hear your opinions about the "rules of the game" (set by us). The ST division has around 30 courses to teach (22 BSc + 8 MSc), supervision of many projects at BSc and MSc level and around 8 administrative roles to fill. This adds up to roughly 10 full time positions' worth of work and we have around 15 SenFac. Some of this can be handled by JunFac but to cover what remains I propose:

Basic principle 1: at least 45% (Adm+GRU) for all SenFac.

Exceptions: + A grant (that we have said yes to) may require a minimum commitment by the PI. + Parental leave, leave of absence, etc. may make the planning impractical.

In addition to funding for education and management we have around 6.8M SEK per year for "Research and Research Education" (FoFu). This would be enough to cover 30% FoFu for all seniors if we had no prior commitments. Together with the 45% from above this adds up to 75% per senior which is the level "guaranteed" by the new faculty model. So we could have a principle like

Basic principle 2: around 30% FoFu for all SenFac

This could vary a lot between years due to other grants and needs at the division or department level. There is no individual guarantee in the faculty model - but this could be a starting point in the discussions.

As you may have noticed this leaves another 25% of the SenFac to be funded in other ways. Usually this would be external funding which brings me to

Basic principle 3: around 25% External funding for all SenFac.

As above, this may vary between the years as grants, courses and managements tasks come and go, but as we need to have enough money to pay 100% of every salary we need to stay around this level on average.

Note that the above is only considering the senior faculty group and assuming that we can use all available FoFu for SenFac salaries. In practice we have traditionally spend quite a bit on

  • P = last year(s?) of PhD student salaries
  • C = co-funding certain external projects (mostly EU)
  • S = start packages for new recruitments
  • O = (joint activities, some travel for people between grants, etc.)

So to make the above principles work we need to eliminate all these costs or, more realistically, reduce FoFu funding of SenFac when other activities can cover it. Here I'm not quite ready to propose a general principle - but I think we really need to start covering existing employees' salaries before hiring new staff when new grants come in (thus reducing P).

VP information collection (by 2016-09-30)

Input needed for the planning process (VP):

  • from all project leaders (grant holders) to Sara Kanhede:
    • economic status,
    • planned use of resources during 2017
    • personnel changes?
  • within each "subject group" (FP, FM, ProSec): meet to discuss
    • economy, planning, personnel changes
    • teaching, courses, ped. projects
  • from all examiners to Dir. of Studies (AnBo)
    • Short course status (course name, size, evaluation, planned changes)
    • Pedagogical project status?
    • Course cluster meetings: most recent, next scheduled?
  • from all employees to line manager
    • plans for promotions, leave of absence, compentence development, lic. or PhD defence, move, etc.
    • grants "in the pipeline"
    • publications: please keep or updated
    • involvement in centres and Areas of Advance (if any)
    • contribution to society (samhällsnytta) and technology transfer
    • BSc/MSc project proposals?
  • from the division: answers to CSE-level questions to all divisions
    • Draft attached (to the email version of this list)
    • Feedback welcome from all.

More details on the "subject group" meetings:

Within each "subject group" (FP, FM, ProSec): meet to discuss

  • economy, planning, personnel changes
  • teaching, courses, ped. projects


  • share information about ongoing and planned activities
  • prioritise how to use our resources (work hours and money) wisely


  • VP: goals for the next year (ideally also a brief five year outlook)
  • Budget: rough suggested "kontering" for all group members
  • Personnel plan: positions (starting, ending, etc.)

Some inspiration may come from looking at the Budget Overview 2015.

Old information below this line.

CSE division dialogs

The ST division VP meeting with the CSE department steering group is planned for

2015-10-02 from 8:30 to 10:00

The invitation from PeLu is for "the Div. Head and 3-5 additional division members" and I'd like that to be the new ST steering group: PaJa, DaSa, GeSc, KoCl, AnBo.

Confirmed participants (2015-06-12):

  • PaJa, DaSa, AnBo, KoCl

Background information from Peter Lundin 2015-06-11:

The meeting is as follows:

  • Part 1:
    • VP discussion: 8.30--10.00
    • Participants from ILG: Johan K , Peter L, Sanna E, Birgitta G, Peter Lj, Jan J, Sofie, Eva A )
    • from the Division (Div. Head and 3-5 additional division members).
  • Part 2: 10.30--12.00:
    • Budget and personal planning
    • Participants: Div. Head, Sofie (Ann-Brit K if GU part), and Div. economist

Before the meeting the division should hand in some answer to questions that will be sent out to the division before vacation period.