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CSE dept.

This site contains wiki-pages for the department of computer science and engineering at Chalmers and GU.

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VR project applications 2014 from the CSE department

Notification date + link:

Earlier years: VR2013, VR2012, VR2011, VR2010, VR2009, VR2008

Granted projects (prel. 2014-11-04)

Div.UnivVR-kodSökandeFörnamnTypProjekt titelVR-del201420152016201720182019Total
CEChalmers2014-4559AssarssonUlfFramstående yngre forskareFotorealistisk rendering för realtidNT3000kkr3000kkr3000kkr3000kkr3000kkr3000kkr18000kkr
STChalmers2014-6222SandsDavidRambidragAppFlow: Putting Information Flow Control to WorkNT 3000kkr3000kkr3000kkr3000kkr 12000kkr
CEChalmers2014-6221StenströmPerRambidragACE: Approximate Algorithms and Computing SystemsNT 2250kkr2250kkr2250kkr2250kkr 9000kkr
STChalmers2014-4833SabelfeldAndreiProjektbidragDecentLP: Robust decentralized location privacyNT 960kkr960kkr960kkr960kkr 3840kkr
STChalmers2014-4849JohanssonMoaProjektbidrag - Unga forskareLearning and Exploration in Automated Theorem ProvingNT 910kkr910kkr910kkr910kkr 3640kkr
NSChalmers2014-4829LandsiedelOlafProjektbidrag - Unga forskareChaosNet: Distributed Computing for Low-Power Wireless NetworksNT 910kkr910kkr910kkr910kkr 3640kkr
NSChalmers2014-4845MitrokotsaAikateriniProjektbidrag - Unga forskarePRECIS: Privacy and security in wearable computing devicesNT 910kkr910kkr910kkr910kkr 3640kkr
CSGU2014-4864AbelAndreasProjektbidragTermination Certificates for Dependently-Typed Programs and Proofs via Refinement TypesNT 900kkr900kkr900kkr900kkr 3600kkr
CSGU2014-4788LjunglöfPeterProjektbidragMUSTE: Multimodal semantic text editingNT 900kkr900kkr900kkr900kkr 3600kkr

Applications submitted 2014-04-09 (subset)

Div.UnivSökandeFörnamnTypProjekt titel20152016201720182019Comment
ST/CS + (Svenska@GU)GUSchneider, Sands / Dubhashi + L.Borin, R.JohanssonGerardoFrameFoundations, Algorithms and Analysis of Privacy-Preserving Contractual AgreementsXXXX Prel. title
SEChalmersCrnkovic, Bosch, Chaudron, Peliccione, TichyIvicaFrameCONCISE: Controlled Continuous Software EngineeringXXXX 
STChalmersSands, Andrei, Russo, etc. FrameAppFlow: Putting Information Flow Security to Work     
CSGUAbelAndreasPRGTermination Certificates for Dependently-Typed Programs and Proofs via Refinement Types     
STGUSchneiderGerardoPRGFormal Analysis and Monitoring of Terms of Service     Prel. title
STChalmersJanssonPatrikPRGLibraries You Can Trust: high-level specifications and correct implementations via dependent types10591072112111421229with JPB and CeIo
STChalmersSabelfeldAndreiPRGDecentLP: Robust decentralized location privacy1107112111731197128820% AnSa, 5% KaMi, 80% PhD student
NSChalmersMitrokotsaAikateriniJuniorPRECIS: Privacy and Security in Wearable Computing Devices     
STChalmersBernardyJean-PhilippeJuniorLinear Types for Parallel Arrays     20% JPB, 10% Josef, 80% PhD student
STChalmersSvenningssonJosefJuniorDEAR: Deriving an Efficient Array Representation1111112511761200128920% Josef, 10% JPB, 80% PhD student
STChalmersWangMengJuniorSource-Level Tool Support for Free     
STChalmersJohanssonMoaJuniorLearning and Exploration in Automated Theorem Proving7369671000103125880% Moa
STChalmersKovacsLauraDistAutoPATS: Automatic Program Analysis using Theorem Proving and Symbolic Computation    


  • Frame = Framework Grant for Strategic Research in Information and Communication Technology
    • 2-5M SEK/y for 4 years
  • PRG = Project Research Grant
  • Junior = Project Research Grant for Junior Researcher (PhD between 2007 and 2011)
  • Dist = Grants for Distinguished Young Researchers (PhD between 2002 and 2007. Max 19 grants in total for all scientific areas.)


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