VR project applications 2012 from the CSE department

See VR2013 for newer information.

Granted projects 2012

The VR decisions were published 2012-11-01 for NT and for HumSam

Main applicant TypeProject20122013201420152016
AhrendtWolfgangProjectStaRVOOrS: Unified static and runtime verification of object-oriented software 850850850 
AngelovKrasimirJuniorGeneral framework for multilingual text processing 880880880880
CoquandThierryFrameworkTypes for proofs and programs 3000300030003000
RantaAarneFrameworkPålitlig flerspråklig digital kommunikation: metoder och tillämpningar25004441444144411941
StenströmPerProjectA framework for fine-grain resource management in heterogeneous parallel architectures.10371071114412191260

The CSE department is also part of another grant with PI Lars Borin (Dept. of Linguistics @GU) and co-applicant Devdatt Dubhashi (DoIT): "Towards a Knowledge-based Culturomics".

Submitted applications 2012-04-12

Main applicant TypeProject20132014201520162017
RantaAarneProjectDeclarative models for hybrid machine translation824157612451206x
AngelovKrasimirJuniorGeneral framework for multilingual text processing910936978875x
CedermanDanielJuniorParallelization aspects of natural language processing13401359140014421486
CoquandThierryFrameworkTypes for proofs and programs3955407143114562x
DybjerPeterProjectTypes for proofs and programs22232296236824442522
DanielssonNils AndersJuniorPractical nested induction and coinduction696694123813111422
DamaschkePeterFrameworkSmart algorithms for big data: Exploiting parallelism for mining networks4822496149054954x
HughesJohnFrameworkParallel functional programming3752564549274525x
Lindström ClaessenKoenProjectInductive testing ‐ applying induction proof techniques for more effective property-based testing788792817xx
AxelssonEmilJuniorDomain‐specific language implementation made easy94796210081025x
BernardyJean-PhilippeJuniorAlgebra of parallel programming8889539831015x
JohanssonMoaJuniorAutomatic discovery and proof of program properties919950126412931347
SvenningssonJosefJuniorSemantically flexible compilation94897999510271090
WangMengJuniorA semantic approach to bidirectional programming9419619911023x
AhrendtWolfgangProjectStaRVOOrS: Unified static and runtime verification of object‐oriented software10381071114312141295
SchneiderGerardoProjectSAMECO: Specification, analysis and monitoring of electronics contracts95694810311096x
TichyMatthiasJuniorENSURE: Ensureance of Software evolUtion by Run-time cErtification94892098810581115
AlmgrenMagnusJuniorDevelopment of attack detection methods with privacy-preserving properties for large systems10701118113711931300
SjälanderMagnusJuniorUsing explicit data management for energy efficient memory accesses1008997104810591092
LandsiedelOlafJuniorScalable, reliable, and real-time capable communication in cyber-physical systems.9801017104810801098
SourdisIoannisJuniorScalaNet: next-generation scalable network-processing96188298310331072
Larsson-EdeforsPerProjectSAREC: Subkernal acceleration for reduced energy computing828853901926954
StenströmPerProjectA framework for fine-grain resource management in heterogeneous parallel architectures.10371071114412191260


Budget approximation:

The CSE.chalmers.se VR budget sheet. Last year (2011) it gave the following numbers (excluding travel, equipment)

If granted670kkr/year800kkr/year
Pays for44%52%of a Bitr.prof
or59%70%of a PostDoc
or81%97%of a PhD student

Note the "or" - if you want salary for two categories you need to scale down even further. For example 800kkr is enough for 80% of a PhD student and 9% of a Bitr.prof.

The 670kkr/year and 800kkr/year are what typical projects were granted in 2010.