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(One of the ST Division Meetings.)

ST 2014-04-11: 11.00-12.00 in EDIT-8103 (2nd week because 3rd week is Easter Friday)


  • Course cluster status update + make sure everybody "belongs" to at least one cluster
    • Prog1 (ChCa) = first programming courses
    • Prog2 (JaSk?) = second + third programming courses
    • DStr (NAD?) = Datastructures (and BSc algorithms)
    • FM (LaKo) = Formal methods and testing
    • FP (DaSa) = Functional Programming
    • PLT (AaRa) = Programming Language Technology
    • Sec (AnSa) = Security (had meeting 2014-03-21)
    • DataSci (DaWe) = Data Science and Applications
    • Logic (AnBo) = Logic and computation
    • Alg. (PeDa) = Algorithms courses
    • ParDist (OlLa) = Parallell and distributed computing
  • MSc Thesis Quality Project Plan
    • Miroslaw presents the new process for the process for the "MSc thesis course" + asks for examiners
    • Discussion: how do we match students (via projects) to supervisors?


  • QualityFunding: Inbjudan att söka Chalmers kvalitetsmedel
    • There is now an open call at Chalmers to apply for money for quality improvements in the education
    • Deadline 2014-04-30, more information in QualityFunding and on Chalmers insidan
  • The public ad for the job as Head of Department is out
    • Please think about convincing possible candidates (including yourself!) to apply
    • From 2014-04-12 Jan Smith (dean of IT faculty) will be the acting Head of Department until the applications to the externally announced position have been evaluated and a new HoD is found.
  • Open positions at the Software Engineering division (apply by 2014-04-17):
  • VR 2014 lists research project applications for the Swedish Science Council main call (deadline 2014-04-09)
    • The ST division is involved in at least 10 projects.
  • Other applications submitted:
  • MSc theses follow-up of 2013:
    • ST total plan 18, examined only 11
      • FP plan 9, did 7
      • FM plan 0, did 1
      • PS plan 2, did 2
      • "Teachers" group plan 7, did 1 (+ a number of BScEng theses at Lindholmen)
  • KoCl is visiting professor in Utrecht for three months (April-May-June)
  • Medarbetarsamtal / Performance AppraIsal Discussion meetings (PAID) status
    • March: 14 meetings (30-60 minutes each) with PhD students and project assistants
    • April: 5 meetings scheduled: BarDel, JohCam, MicPał, WilRa. JonDur meets GeSc instead of PaJa.
  • Personell changes:
    • 2014-03-31: last day for DaSc as Proj. ass. (May return as a PhD student?)
    • 2014-03-31: last day for FiDeTe as PhD
    • 2014-04-19: last day for GaPa on the PhD position (will stay in the CSE PhD school at least until 2014-12-31)
    • 2014-05-01: first day for MiPa as PostDoc (PROWESS)
    • 2014-05-01: first day for WiRa as Proj.Ass./PostDoc
  • Chalmers has signed a Double Doctoral Degree agreement with SJTU
    • MeWa knows more about this.
  • PhPh is now a Senior Member of IEEE