VR project applications 2016 from the CSE department

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  • (New) Consolidator grant (konsolideringsbidrag): 7-12y after PhD. Fixed amount: 2M SEK/y * 6 years. Just 20 in all sciences. Early deadline: 2016-03-08. English, Svenska
  • (~new) Starting grant (etableringsbidrag): 2-7y after PhD. English, Svenska
  • Project grant (projektbidrag): English, Svenska

Applications in submission 2016

EfternamnNamnGU/CTHDivVR-kodProjekt TitelBidragsform360 Ärende nrBelopp 2017Belopp 2018Belopp 2019Belopp 2020
AhrendtWolfgangChalmersST Unified Static and Runtime Verification of Distributed SoftwarePRG    
JanssonPatrikChalmersST Libraries You Can Trust: high-level specifications and correct implementations via dependent typesPRG 1126174518771221 
HughesJohnChalmersST Give me an example!PRG
GerdesAlexChalmersST Software Fault Localization using Property-Based Testing: Generating fault location feedback for programming tutors